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Application...? [15 Oct 2005|01:20pm]

[ mood | hungry ]

Hi, Im Shail_666 of course you saw that... ^_^' Application!

Name: Shail
SEX: Female
Vampire: yes a vampire ^_^

Desciption: My charie is going to be like all my rp charries, She's very clueless and acts innocent but shes can switch to mean and raging in an instant.

14 years old and shes around 5 feet tall. She can be perverted at times adn she likes older men. (not that old of course.) She likes to flirt but she doesnt really know how to make a move. and She like the taste of blood. (naturally)

Gets along with nearly anyone and makes her species (right word?)unknown until shes gonna kill.

Lilac violet hair that is tied up with a deep crimson ribbon and an orchid kimono. But has a pocket knife under the ribbon on her Dress.

Example: She was wandering around for awhile, playing with the soft snowflakes that fell from ondens grey sky. She had already checked out of the hotel she was occupying alone and decided that checking out the calling card that was given to her was a good idea.

Hitching a ride over top a taxi that was oblivious to hre somber presence, she decided flight was best over cars. Before entering the airport that would take her to her new life, she passed at a phone booth calling the number on the card. Recognizing the crimson dragon adn bat emblem on the side. "Operator. direct me to..."

Contacts: AIM: Sabrinaroo@aol
MSN: softsilver729@hotmail.com
Email me for more information.

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yeah... [14 Oct 2005|08:18pm]

[ mood | calm ]

i join waaaaay too many comms... oh well, i love vampires, especially after my anne rice fase... onto the info!!!!!!!!!!

Your info
Name: Katie Grier... or K-chan
Lj user: KeysotoSoto129
Contacts:AIM - MidnightLust129 or DarkMidnightLust
Yahoo - Sharingan_User129
MSN - KeysotoSoto129_3 or Black_Rose_129 (i think)

Character info

Name: Myre
Sex: Female
Vampire or Vampire hunter? Vampire
Description: 5'4", 579 years old, light-blonde that goes down to ass, blue eyes - is blind though (so they're really light), wears black t-shirt with hot pink designs, dark blue jeans, black converse. Was changed when she was 18. Often seen by herself or with her master (which i have yet to create >_>), very protective, can hunt as well as any vampire, hasn't run into a wall since teh last century, slightly insane, and has a strange obsession with roses.
Example: "He loves me, he loves me not. He loves me, he loves me not... He loves me!!! William! He loves me!" the young teenager ran to the man who had been her caretaker her whole life. And I mean, her WHOLE life.
"Who, Myre?" the young man asked as Myre clung to him.
"You silly!" she giggled as William merely shook his head and thought, 'I knew it...' They then turned toward the large mansion and headed in, the dawn was comming.

and... yeah! anyways, talk later!

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Application and Welcome! My Character Included [13 Oct 2005|11:22am]

[ mood | chipper ]

Hello everyone! Welcome to tears_crimson!

This community is members only, join to see post.

In this entry, comment with the appliction, thank you. ^_~

One more thing, the max you can have is Two characters

ApplicationCollapse )

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